Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Networking Status

I'm in the process of designing a strategy to use my network to extend performance and contribution

This is on the assumption that there are performance gains to be had from changing network structure
Rough goals for the strategy as they stand today (and these may change as I think about them a little more)
  • Positioning within key points in a network so that I can leverage effective work
  • Developing diverse networks
  • Stretch myself to get out of a 'comfort' network
Organisation line targets:
  • External peers or SMEs (So if you are one and you'd like to network - say hi)
  • Clients both internal and external
  • Outside of credit risk for a different view of the world
  • Inside of credit risk for coordination, technical support and recognition

Hierarchical lines
  • Mentors and mentoring
  • Strategic contexts
  • Political support and resources