Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hoping to be able to get to David Allens seminar on GTD in Birmingham next Thursday


I've recently fallen off the GTD bandwagon hard and REALLY hurt myself (probably a few contusions, some micro fractures and internal bleeding) so now is the perfect time to get back on

Been listening to the audio tapes for GTD and they're helping although still feeling a little overwhelmed with the amount of "stuff" thats out there on my project landscape

Somewhere I read an article that stated "Discardia" might have a good tip for taking a current live Omnifocus database and getting back to what's important. I find myself in fear of either losing some important tasks or losing some of that thought into next actions. Yes a 'deep dive' via Review might help but I thing the problem is more fundamentally that I've lost track a little of my higher perspectives. I need to shed some projects

If I think of or find anything useful I'll post here. All help gratefully accepted

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Starting to analyse me workflow again given changes in role and sheer amount of work on. The thinking is that this analysis will help me identify some wasted effort and give me more space for effective process.


At the moment it looks like

Omnifocus is the backbone of my workflow, all 'ins' go through Omnifocus

Projects are mostly collated in Excel. Purely so I have some way to articulate them to other people (skimming through my Omnifocus is not desirable). Sadly this then often gets wrapped up further into PowerPoint

To steal a concept from MacSparky I "cook" ideas in mind mapping and outliner program's. iThoughts HD and OmniOutliner server this task

OmniGraffle is the go to software for creating diagrams of ANY kind. I find that if I can't mind map it or if I think I'll need to present the process to other people I'll be drawing it out in OmniGraffle

I'm going to look into nvAlt over the next couple of days for text wrangling