Friday, August 3, 2012

Secret Sauce

I'm working on getting myself into a state where my workflow is integrated into several key aspects of my life

My professional life

  • Really locking in all those templates and check lists into a solid workflow
  • Cracking the 'secret sauce' of 'cooking' strategy and presenting strategy ideas 
  • Capture and process with zero friction

My personal life

  • Minimising the friction between any of my areas (work, personal, fitness etc)

Almost there...  I'll write up some thoughts on this in more details later but this blog post was a personal test in a few areas:

  1. Am I actually going to find the time to type these thoughts down?  (yes - looks like it)
  2. Will my workflow work (OSX, iOS)
  3. Will my workflows pipes work (Will that tweet trigger?
Oh and this system needs to be flexible.  Can't become a domed city (I'm looking at you Apple)

I love the dome but I will take a walk in the forrest (See The Ihnatko Almanac 35 for context)

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