Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Don’t Overpromise on Your New Job
If you promise too much and fall short, you risk undermining your credibility
The term I like to use of OPUD (pronounced ‘Op Udd’) for those that Over Promise and Under Deliver.
Usage examples :

  • Yeah, they totally OPUD that project, didn’t they.
  • I feel totally and uterrly OPUD'd

How to Turn Notes and Mind Maps into Actionable Steps

Highly recommend this post. Excellent article
how to turn notes into actionable steps that you can implement.
As the author states, originally written about hwo to turn mindmaps into actions this apprach can be easily tasked to dealing with email, written documents, letters etc.

Impress your boss in 60 seconds :: Men's Health
Maybe a little too full on. But the simply asking for more time in relation to a work related objective is effective.

How to Help Someone Vent

Is it just me? I got a little stuck on the authors use of ‘she’ in this article. Other than that, seems like solid advice and added to me reference material.

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