Monday, May 2, 2011

Long absence - but I'm back

After a long absence I think I'm back to jotting down some loose 'credit risk' musings and general thoughts on work

My first observation is that the absence from this blog was caused by an imbalance in my work:life balance

Too much focus upon work put me into a poor place personally. Very little attention paid to Personal or Health areas within my life meant that, unsurprisingly, I'd not accomplished some unconscious goals and this was frustrating me
See this link for a reference that has help me become motivated again to address some of my personal and family goals

As such. I shall be using this blog (and a second less business focused blog) to keep focus upon my progress in the following business areas:
  • Workflow : GTD and the positive influence this approach has upon business areas that are poorly performing
  • Networking: Not my strongest area professionally. But an area I've decided to focus upon. I will be tracking approaches, thoughts and successes / failures here

I plan to update this blog weekly on progress in these areas and will post a proposed outline in the next few days


Wayne said...

A VERY early morning blog post! A good start to achieving your balance will be to get the right amount of rest!

Howe said...

That's what insomnia will do for you :)
Increases productivity until you fall asleep at the wheel